ABC’s of Giving

How You Can Help Bring The Vision To Completion
Help us to help you! Below you will see several ways that you can make a contribution to EPIC. Take a moment to check them out and when you are ready please respond! You can help EPIC and its students by giving. As an independent, nonprofit institution, EPIC has two primary sources revenue: tuition and gift support from generous Alumni, friends, family and many other faithful stewards. There are a few ways you can give to EPIC. You can Donate Online today!

Please take the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the positive impact your gift will have on EPIC, their students and families.

Ways to Give

Harvesters Scholarship Fund
Many students come to EPIC with a call from God to receive a quality education founded on the Word of God. Hundreds of students apply for financial aid and approximately 75%-85% show need to receive financial aid. Over 300 students attended EPIC, and in turn, EPIC gave approximately $150,000 in scholarships in the 2006-07 school year alone. By giving to this fund a student with financial need will be blessed to help them pursue their education.

Undesignated Gift:
You can provide a financial gift to EPIC by donating funds to our college. EPIC is a nonprofit institution and funds received for the college will help grow the Kingdom of God. Unlike other methods of giving, cash gifts provide immediate benefits. Gifts of cash are tax deductible in the current year (Up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income with a five year carry-over of any unused portion) if the gift is received by December 31, of the given year.

Capital Improvements
EPIC is always looking ways to improve and reach out to more people. In the future we plan on adding a Masters program, online courses, and expanding our Library, to name a few. We can’t do this without you.

Matching Gifts
Corporate matching gift programs represent an easy way for many EPIC alumni, parents and friends to double or even triple the impact of their personal contribution to the College. More than 7,700 companies and corporate foundations in the United States currently match their employees’ gifts to nonprofit organizations, such as educational institutions like EPIC. There are no strings attached.

Here are 3 easy steps to pursue Matching Gifts:

  1. Contact your employer to find out if your company participates in matching gifts.
  2. If your company offers a matching gift program, simply obtain a form from the Human Resources department.
  3. Fill it out and mail it with your check to EPIC Bible College.

This extra effort will bless EPIC with funds and advance the kingdom of God!

Planned Giving/Deferred Giving
Interested in leaving a legacy that will advance the Kingdom? Please contact our Alumni representative about this important matter. You can read more information about this by going to ABC’s of Giving.

Good Search and Giveline
Good Search is a tool you can use to search the Internal and support EPIC. Next time you need to “Google” something, use Good Search instead and enter EPIC Bible College as your cause! Giveline is an online store that allows you to “Make a Difference When You Shop.” Use Giveline to support EPIC while you shop online!

Gifts of Cash
Unlike other methods of giving, cash gifts provide immediate benefits to organizations you support and are especially meaningful to us at this time. Gifts of cash are tax deductible in the current year (up to 50% of your adjusted gross income with a five-year carry-over of any unused portion) if the gift is received by December 31, of the given year.

Life Income Plans
Many giving options allow you to make a gift contribution and still receive an income for life from your giving plan. Life Income Plans such as gift annuities or charitable trusts can provide unique tax and income advantages and can be designed to meet your individual needs. Please contact us for specific information regarding the benefits you can receive from a Life Income Plan.

Estate Planning
You may also support EPIC Bible College through your will or estate plan. Gifts made through your will or living trust can provide considerable future tax benefits which allow more of your assets to pass on to those you care about. We will be happy to assist with more information regarding your estate planning needs.

Appreciated Gifts
Charitable gifts and Appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, held longer than seven months, can be deducted at their full market value and avoid capital gains tax.

Real estate gifts are transferred in the same way as appreciated securities and allow for deductions at there full market value of the property. Capital gains tax can be avoided in most instances, but appraisals are needed to fully deduct the transfer of your gift.

Gifts-In-Kind are items given for the use through a program or project. Automobiles, trucks, boats, clothing, medical supplies, food or building material may be fully deductible, depending on the type of gift.

Tangible personal property related to EPIC Bible College’s tax-exempt purposes and uses, can be fully deductible at their full market value. However, gifts that are not related to our tax-exempt purposes will be a limited deduction on the cost basis.

It’s Never Too Late to Care
Popular year-end giving opportunities available to you can achieve your charitable giving goals, while maximizing your current tax benefits. Take advantage of this tax-saving opportunity by making a generous gift today. Now is the time to show your interest in EPIC Bible College.