Chapel is a significant part of campus life.  It is a time for the EPIC community to come together for worship, fellowship, sharing in prayer, as well as providing important information.  The purpose of the Chapel program is to offer a time for spiritual development and formation for the students, staff, faculty, and guests of Epic.  Chapel attendance and participation allows students to learn practical ministry skills from observation, experience and application.Worship5

2005-2006 ASB President Jeremy Drew had this to say about chapel:

“The worship experiences here have just been a taste of Heaven for me. Because when we come to worship together, we come from different churches, we come from different experiences and different walks of life. But when we come together to worship, the presence of God is there, and all the lines fall. All the denominational differences fall. Any stereotypes we may have fall. Because we are all centered around the same goal: we want to see Christ glorified in our churches and in our world. And I believe that is what Heaven is going to be like, and I just so treasure that.”

Leadership Opportunities

  • Through Chapel, the student will experience opportunities for leadership in:
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Meditation and Reflection on the Scripture
  • Changes in belief, attitude and behavior
  • Encouragement
  • The preaching of the Word of God