Institutional Aid

Here at EPIC Bible College we have three main scholarships that you can apply for. Applying for these scholarships requires 1) completing a current year FAFSA and 2) completing a Scholarship Application form.

  1. Ministerial Scholarship– This is based on your ministerial involvement. You can receive a percentage off of your tuition each quarter. An applicant must have a letter from their Pastor or denominational leader stating that he/she is regarded as a full time minister with a description of duties and the amount of hours worked each week. If you do not work 40 hours a week your award amount will be considered at a pro-rata basis.
  2. Spouse Scholarship– This scholarship will take a percentage off of your tuition. This is geared for married couples who are attending EPIC Bible College. Who ever has the fewer units will receive the scholarship.
  3. Dependant Scholarship– Students who are a dependant of an active minister can receive a percentage off of their tuition. The student must demonstrate that he/she is a dependant as reported on the parent’s tax returns.