Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (2016 – 2017)

All students at EPIC Bible College, including those receiving Student Financial Aid from any source shall maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue eligibility to receive FA funds.


Satisfactory Academic Progress at EPIC is defined as (1) maintaining a quality of leaning as identified from GPA and Attendance records and (2) maintaining a Pace of Progress towards an academic goal by completing a percentage or quantity of credits within 150% of allowed time (number of credits required for the program).


Qualitative Measures:

  1. Maintaining a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or better each quarter.
  2. Maintaining a 2.0 Cumulative GPA or better after completing 6 quarters of enrollment.
  3. Attending all classes with a minimum of 80% attendance.

Quantitative Measures:

  1. Pace of Progress/Completing 67% of units attempted.


Pace of Progress is determined by calculating the ratio of Credits Completed divided by the Credits Attempted.

Credits Completed = Ratio/Percentage

Credits Attempted


Pace of Progress would be, for example, if 201 quarter units are required to complete a BA in Ministerial Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies, the student would be eligible to complete the program by attempting up to a total of 150% of 201 units, or 301.5 units.


Each quarter SAP will be reviewed to evaluate that each student is maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA, completing at least 67% of units attempted, and attending at least 80% of classes.

Cumulative GPA will be assessed after a student has completed 6 quarters of enrollment. Each student whose cumulative GPA after completing 6 quarters is below 2.0 will not be eligible for FA any longer at EPIC. There is no warning period or appeal process.



Students who do not maintain a quarterly GPA of 2.0, or whose attendance is below 80%, or who do not complete 67% of units attempted will be placed on “Financial Aid Warning.” This status will allow the student to remain eligible for FA for the next (second succeeding) quarter while improving SAP.



If a student fails to meet SAP for the second succeeding quarter, the student will be on Suspension and will not be eligible for FA.


Appeal & Academic Plan

When this situation occurs, the student can appeal the Suspension by completing an Appeal Application that includes an explanation of why the student was not able to meet SAP and what has changed in order for the student to achieve SAP, and an Academic Plan. The student will meet with her/his Academic Advisor to develop an “Academic Plan.” The “Academic Plan” will review the student’s courses needed to complete the student’s program, time management issues, what circumstances have changed relative to the student being able to complete course requirements, and the student’s schedule. The purpose is to guide the student to be able to achieve SAP: Meet a GPA of 2.0 or better, complete 67% or more of units attempted, and attend all class sessions.


Academic Probation

If the Appeal is accepted/approved, the student will be removed from Suspension and placed on Academic Probation for the coming (third) successive quarter and will be eligible for FA. If the student does not meet SAP for the third successive quarter, the student and her/his Academic Advisor will review the “Academic Plan” to assess the student’s progress and potential for meeting SAP. Upon recommendation of the Academic Advisor, the appeal may be continued for a fourth successive quarter. If the student fails to meet SAP after being allowed to continue Academic Probation for a fourth successive quarter, then the student is placed on Academic Suspension and is not eligible for FA.



Success in College Courses that are offered to prepare a student for a course required for a Degree or Certificate will be considered as part of the enrollment as a regular student at EPIC. Grades for these courses will be included in determining GPA (qualitative) and for Pace of Progress (quantitative or time based) SAP.



When a student repeats a course where a grade below “C” was earned, and earns a “C” or better for the second time the course was attempted, the original grade will not be considered in assessing GPA (qualitative), but will be included in assessing Pace of Progress (quantitative) for SAP purposes.



All students at EPIC must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to remain eligible for Student Financial Aid (FA).  To maintain FA eligibility, a student must:

  1. Maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or better,
  2. Maintain a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better after completing 6 quarters of enrollment,
  3. Attend classes (with a minimum attendance of 80%),
  4. Complete 2/3 (67%) of units attempted.


Students who do not meet SAP will be placed on Financial Aid Warning after the end of the first quarter of not meeting SAP and Academic Suspension when not meeting SAP for two successive quarters. A student is not eligible for FA when on Academic Suspension. Academic Suspension may be appealed by submitting an Appeal Form and completing an Academic Plan with the student’s Academic Advisor. If the Appeal is approved, the student will be removed from Academic Suspension and placed on Academic Probation and will be then eligible for FA. This will allow the student opportunity to meet SAP.

(Approved: Oct. 2016)
(Affective with the Fall 2016 quarter)