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“And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching. Teach the truth … ” Titus 2:7 -8a

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With a deep history of over 40 years in Sacramento, rooted in Biblically based higher education, EPIC Bible College now provides the opportunity for students to earn a Master’s Degree in Ethical Leadership. With over 92% of alumni involved in ministry around the world, EPIC has proven itself to provide the training necessary to fully equip students.

The Master’s program is taught by instructors who not only teach but are also active in local ministry, allowing students to gain a deeper perspective on leadership. EPIC’s 48 unit program can be completed at your own individual schedule and even in as little as 12 months, which includes offering both onsite and online courses. We are confident that this program will allow you to grow and help refine your own skills as you progress towards a graduate level degree. The rewards of higher education are measurable in many ways and by the time you receive your Master’s degree from EPIC, you will be prepared to influence and inspire through proven leadership methods.


EPIC Bible College offers classes through multiple delivery methods to meet your individual scheduling needs. You can take any of our graduate studies classes on-site (one day a week), though an on-line delivery platform, or any combination thereof, to help you meet your educational goals and objectives.

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry – 48 Quarter Units 

  • MCM611 Postmodernism & Christianity
  • MCM612 Speaking to the Culture
  • MCM613 Church Management
  • MCM621 Effective Pastoral Counseling Techniques
  • MCM623 Biblical Purpose, Vision and Goals
  • MCM631 The Pastor and Discipleship
  • MCM632 The Character of the Servant
  • MCM633 Conflict Resolution (Ministry Tension Points)
  • MCM641 Supervised Ministry Internship/Colloquium
  • MEL513 Organizational Research and Graduate Research Methods
  • MEL521 Leadership, Mentoring and Team Development
  • MCM655 Thesis/Capstone Project (8 units of the 48 total units)

What is Christian Ministry?

Pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry at EPIC Bible College and Graduate School is a launching point into your calling. This degree will give you the skills and tools necessary to be an effective witness and a key leader within your ministry organization.

Courses in the Christian Ministry Program are both challenging and insightful, providing an environment to grow in knowledge and understanding as you reach your higher education goals.

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies – 48 Quarter Units 

  • MBS551 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • MBS552 Tools for Hebrew Word Studies
  • MBS553 Philosophy of Religion
  • MBS561 Tools for Greek Word Studies
  • MBS562 Old Testament Theology
  • MBS563 Pre-Reformation Church History
  • MBS571 New Testament Theology
  • MBS572 Post Reformation Church History
  • MBS573 Exegesis of Romans
  • MBS581 Renewal Theology
  • MBS582 Discipleship Tools for the Missional Church
  • MBS583 Culture / Counterculture
  • MBS584 Apologetics
  • MBS585 Elective/Directed Study
  • MBS595 Thesis/Capstone Project (8 units of the 48 total units)

What is Biblical Studies?

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at EPIC Bible College is a program made to help you bring two worlds together: the world of the Bible and your contemporary culture where Biblical truth is taught and applied.

This program is grounded in a deep appreciation for and love of Scripture. You will leave this program grounded with an in-depth knowledge of Scripture. This program will give you the skills and the tools necessary for exploring and understanding the Biblical text and taking it back to your church, your small group, your place of ministry, or your marketplace, and make an impact.

This program is transformative in nature. As you sharpen your abilities to interpret Scripture accurately, you will have an opportunity to have your own life shaped by Scripture. You will leave this program with a fresh understanding of the power of Word of God and the practices that open our lives so the Scriptures can transform us.

This program is highly practical. You will become skilled at understanding your rapidly shifting context and culture and how this impacts the way people hear and receive God’s Word. You will leave this program better equipped to teach and apply the ancient Biblical texts to 21st century people, and culture, in missionally effective ways.

Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership  – 48 Quarter Units  

  • MEL 511 Foundational Ethics of Organizational Leadership
  • MEL 512 Self, Systems and Ethical Leadership
  • MEL 513 Organizational Research and Graduate Research Methods
  • MEL 521 Leadership, Mentoring and Team Development
  • MEL 522 Legal Foundations for Public, and Nonprofit Leadership
  • MEL 523 Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • MEL 531 Biblical Leadership, Organizational Transformation and Growth
  • MEL 532 Servant-Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • MEL 533 Building Organizational Culture and Climate
  • MEL 541 Christian Ethics
  • MEL 542 Leadership Models of the Bible
  • MEL 543 Effective Communication & Relationships in Organizations
  • MEL 555 Leadership Capstone Project/Master’s Thesis

What is Ethical Leadership?

Ethics involve more than choosing the right or wrong way to do things, it’s really about keeping Christ as the model and at the center of all you do.

To lead, is to have the ability to inspire others through your own actions and influence. Not all of us are born with leadership skills, but for most it is a skill that is learned, challenged, and refined. To combine the ability to lead with making decisions based on what we know to be biblically true, is the foundation of EPIC’s Ethical Leadership program.

The Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership program provides learning experiences, at a graduate level, to train men and women in effective leadership methods for ministry, non-profits, and a variety of organizations.


*All Master’s courses are 4 graduate credit hours each, for a total of 48 required in the MA Ethical Leadership Program*