Every instructor at EPIC Bible College & Graduate School participates in a vital, real-life ministry so they can bring fresh insights and applications to their subject. More importantly, our faculty are exciting and life-giving teachers that will invest their lives in students in order to see them become all God has made them to be. In fact, the same is true of our administrators, who all teach and advise students, delighting to participate in their lives.

EPIC Administrators and Faculty can be reached through the EPIC office at 1-916-348-4689.


image President Ronald W. Harden (1982)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     DD, EPIC Bible College;
     MS, Ed. Admin., Shasta Bible College; BS, Bethany Bible College
     Pastoral ministry since 1980; college instructor since 1982
image Hartley, Greg L. (1990)
Vice President of Academic Services Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies 
     EdD, Higher Ed. Admin., Regent University;
     MA, Christian Ministry, Northwest Christian College; BA, Missions, Pentecostal Bible College
     Pastoral ministry since 1969 including youth ministry, Christian education, music ministry
     and 12 years as a senior pastor; started two Christian schools; 7 years business and sales experience.

Full-Time Faculty

image Bluemel, Kenneth (2005)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies MDiv, EPIC Bible College & Graduate School MRE, Liberty University;
     MA, Luther Rice University; BA, Trinity Life Bible College;
     BA, Communications, Education, CSUS
     Pastoral Ministry since 1977; College Professor since 1980
image Buckhalter, Carolyn (2013)
     MS, Psychology, University of Phoenix
     BA, Ministerial Studies, Trinity Life Bible College Served in Children/Youth Ministry from 1984-1998.
     Pastor & co-founder of Celebration Christian Center 1998 to present.
image Colburn, Tana (2003)
Chair & Professor of General Education and Worship Arts
     MA, Communication: Theatre & Television, Regent University;
     BA,  Communication: Theatre & Music, Vanguard University
     Broadcast ministry, Theatre Director and script writer, Angel Award winning television producer, Licensed Minister.
image Howard, Chris (2011)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MA, Fuller Theological Seminary BA, San Francisco State University
image Maynard, Gene (2015)
     DMin, Princeton Theological Seminary
     MDiv, Asbury Seminary
     BA, Warner Pacific College
image Roper, David (1999)
Professor of General Education
     DVM, Gregorio Araneta University (Philippines)
     Animal husbandry since 1982; businessman more than 20 years Pastoral Outreach
image Windham, Grady (2004)
Professor of Biblical Studies
     DMin, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
     MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary
     MA, Pepperdine University
     MA, National University
     BA, Bethany College

Part-Time Faculty

image Ahn, Tae Hyun (2017)
Professor of Biblical Studies
     DMin, Pacific School of Religion
     MA (Religion) Pacific School of Religion
image Babcock, Brandon (2011)
Professor of Biblical Studies & General Education
     Graduate Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
     PhD (Candidate)
     MS, Sacramento State University;
     BS, McPherson College
     BA, EPIC Bible College
image Bluemel, Sherie (2012)
     BA, Communication, Sac State
     Involved in ministry since 1988 and teaching since 1979.
image Bond, Scott (2011)
Professor of Biblical Studies
     MDiv, Liberty Baptist Seminary
     MA, Liberty Baptist Seminary
     BA, Trinity Life Bible College
image Caples, Joseph (2012)
     MA, History, American Public University
     MATh, Liberty University,
     BA, Ministerial Studies, Trinity Life Bible College
     Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Training Officer since 2006.
image Colburn, Tom (2011)
Professor of General Education
     BS, Bethany Bible College
     Professional experience in computer science and audio since 1995
     Television broadcasting and engineering professional since 1992
image Cook, Richard (2018)
Professor of BIblical Studies
     MDiv, DMin Kings University
image Dahlin, Mark (2009)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MA, Pastoral Studies, Azusa Pacific University;
     BA, Bible/Theology, Layola Marymont University
     Pastoral ministry since 1978
image Ewing, Larry (1992)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MA, Liberal Arts, California State University, Sacramento
     BA, Religious Studies, California State University, Sacramento Pastoral ministry since 1975; college instructor since 1985
image Funk, Ed (2009)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     PhD, Strategic Leadership, Regent University;
     MM, Simpson University;
     BA, Business, Biblical Theology
     College professor since 2000; Pastoral ministry since 1997
image Gallegos, John (2011)
Director of Online Programs, Professor of Biblical Studies
     PhD, Regent Univeristy,
     MDiv, Assembies of God Theological Seminary,
     PhD (Cand.) Regent University.
image Gillman, Adell (1999)
Professor of Biblical Counseling
     Graduate theology studies, Fuller Seminary;
     MA, Counseling, Azusa Pacific University;
     BA, Psychology, Seattle Pacific University Pastoral counselor since 1976
image Gonzales II, Jack (2012)
     MA, Church Leadership, Vanguard University
     BA, Ministerial Studies, Trinity Life Bible College
     California State Senate, Hispanic Advisory Committee Advisor, 2010-2012.
image Hardcastle, Justin (2015)
Professor of Student Ministry
     MA, Regent University
     BA, Minsterial Studies,
     EPIC Bible College Youth Ministry since 2003
image Harden, Daniel (2009)
Professor of Christian Education
     EdD (Cand.), Regent University
     MA, Education, Bethany University;
     BA, Trinity Life Bible College
     Pastoral ministry since 2004
image Huddleston, Samuel (2009)
Guest Lecturer in Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     DMin, Regent University
     MA, Azuza Pacific University
     BA, Bethany University
     Director of Match Two Prisoner Outreach; Dean of Students at Bethany University for two years
     Assistant District Superintendent for the Assemblies of God
image James, Venetia (2012)
Professor of Worship Arts
image Kang, Kam (2009)
Professor of General Education
     BA, California Stat Univeristy, Sacramento (CSUS)
     27 years experience teaching English.
image Knoll, Sheila (2009)
Professor of General Education
     MA, Theological Studies, Liberty Baptist Seminary
     BA, Trinity Life Bible College
     Pastoral ministry since 2000, Computer Systems Analyst
image Lane, Robert (2013)
Professor of Biblical Counseling
     MA, Grand Canyon University
image McConkey, Deborah (2018)
Director, Learing Resource Center
Professor of Christian Research
     MLIS, University of Western Ontario
image Morris, Scott (2011)
     Guitar and Bass Instructor for over 10 years.
     Has served in his local church in the area of Worship Ministry since 1994.
     Has worked as a session musician from 1988 until now, doing clinics and demonstrations of new products as well as miscellaneous studio recordings.
image Perry, Duandolyn (2016)
Professor, General Education Department
     MA, Ethical Leadership, EPIC Bible College and Graduate School
image Porter, Ellington (2015)
     MA, Liberty University
     BA, Trinity Life Bible College
     PhD, Leadership, Liberty University
image Porter, Tecoy (2014)
     PhD, Leadership, Regent University
     MBA, California State University, Sacramento
     BA, California State University, Sacramento
     Pastoral and music ministry and leadership since 1994.
image Riddick, Jannice (2006)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MDiv, Western Seminary,
     MA, Specialized Ministry, Western Seminary;
     BA, Trinity Life Bible College
     Christian Education and Women’s Ministries since 1994
image Salyards, Will (2010)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     PhD, Leadership, Gonzaga University;
     MA Theology, Fuller
     Pastoral Ministry since 1976
image Sandford, Darryl (2018)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MMin, Northwest University
image Sattler, Mel (2010)
Professor of Christian Education
     MRE, Trinity International University
     BA, Trinity College
     Pastoral ministry since 1977
image Smith, Brandon (2013)
     BA, EPIC Bible College & Graduate School
     Worship Pastor since 2006.
     Band Director for J’on Harris & Voices for 4 years.
image Storms, Jeannette (2019)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies, and Ethical Leadership
     DMin., Regent University
     MA, Theology, Fuller Seminary
image Stroup, Jerry (1998)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     DMin., MDiv., Oral Roberts University;
     BA, Central Bible College
     Pastoral ministry since 1968; Assembly of God Denominational Christian Education 1969-1973; Christian Day School administrative positions 1983-1985; national & international conference speaker; published author
image Sudborough, Dana (2006)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MDiv, San Francisco Theological Seminary;
     MA, Math, University of Michigan;
     BA, Math, University of California
     Missionary 1988-2006
image Sweat, Robert (2011)
Professor of General Education
     MA Reading, Grand Canyon University
     MA Teaching, Grand Canyon University
     MA Education Administration, Grand Canyon University
     BA, Azusa Pacific University
image Taylor, Fred (2011)
Professor of Biblical Counseling
     MA, University of Southern California
     BA, Sonoma State University
image Wallentine, Dan (2017)
Professor of Non-Profit Management, and Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     MA, Theology, Vanguard University
image Westbrooks-Killian, Karen (2016)
     BA, EPIC Bible College & Graduate School
     Worship Leader, New Hope Baptist Church
     Piano Instructor, Skip’s House of Music
image Williams, Charles (1996)
Professor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies
     Graduate Studies, Fuller;
     MA, Education, Chapman College;
     BA, Education, Wayne State U.;
     Bible Diploma, Liberty U.
     USAF Instructor, 1968-84, Businessman since 1985, Local Church Leadership & Teaching

Teaching Assistants

image Amato, Chris (2011)
     Worked as a Drumming Instructor for many years.
     Served in ministry as a drummer since 2007 until now.
image Holsinger, Matthew (2015)
     Certificate, EPIC Bible College & Graduate School
     Training in instruction in guitar.