Definition of Academic Credit

Definition of Academic Credit at EPIC Bible College
(5 March 2014; Approved: May 22, 2014)

EPIC Bible College (EPIC) follows a quarter-hour calendar system and schedules classes in four terms, also known as a quarter, that consist of a fall quarter, winter quarter, spring quarter, and summer quarter. EPIC’s Academic Year (AY) begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following calendar year. An Academic Calendar is published that identifies the start and end dates for each term.

Classes that meet on campus are scheduled in the “A Term” of the quarter which is the standard 11-week quarter, 10 weeks of class sessions with finals scheduled the 11th week.

Online classes are arranged such that four-unit online classes are assigned to “B Term” with course assignments scheduled over the 11-quarter. Two-unit classes that are delivered online are scheduled in “Term C” which is the first 5 weeks of a quarter, or are scheduled in “Term D” which is the second group of 5 weeks of a quarter. Start and end dates for all terms are published in the Academic Calendar which is distributed via the website at, published in the Catalog and Handbooks, and by paper copies available at the EPIC offices.


EPIC defines an academic credit hour as: 10 hours of instruction for each (1) unit of academic credit, or the equivalent. One (1) hour of instruction consists of 50 minutes instruction/in-class learning and 10 minutes of break time (a minimum of 10 hours X 50 minutes/hr = 500 minutes of in-class course content learning experiences for each quarter unit of credit).

Academic standards also include two hours of out-of-class study/assignment for each hour of in-class instruction/learning experience.

A typical 4-unit class will hold course content instruction sessions for a total of four (4) hours per week for 10 weeks, a total of 40 “clock” hours of in-class learning and/or lecture, plus an 11th-week session in which a final exam is administered.

Contact Hours:

The contact hours for a course are the number of hours per week in which a course meets. The definition of a contact hour is a total of 50 minutes of instruction in which the student comes into contact with an instructor.

Online and Distance Education:

For online classes the same 50 minute credit and contact requirements for regular classes will be followed. The standard class time shall be one hour of class and two hours of out-of-class student work per week over a quarter. For online Terms C and D, this is doubled in order to fulfill the minimum of class contact requirements. For online (distance) education, academic engagement is defined as, but not limited to, submitting an academic assignment, taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction, participating in a study group that was assigned by the instructor, contributing to an academic online discussion, and initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course. Merely logging into an online class does not constitute academic engagement or attendance. Each faculty member shall maintain an accurate daily record of attendance of each student enrolled in each of the faculty member’s classes. Attendance in an online course will be defined by the professor of that course and included in the course syllabus.


For internship experience, one credit is equal to 50 hours of supervised training or work / professional practicum experience.

Program Length:

Program length is determined by the number of credits/units required for a degree. See the EPIC Catalog for information about a specific degree and the courses and units required to earn that degree.