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Building character in every walk of life

The beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that it meets you right where you are, right now. And when you accept His gift of salvation, you have instant access to the Holy Spirit, for life, for power and for on-the-job training!

Here at Epic Bible College, we make every effort to follow the same model as we partner with the Church to train lives and build character. After all, students aren’t seking a piece of paper, they are seeking a relationship with God. That’s the Epic difference. It’s personal. Life-changing. Barrier free.

Just as Jesus took His message to the masses and made it relevant to their everyday lives, Epic strives to make Bible college easily accessible to people from every stage of life. After all, students learn best when they study within the context of normal daily life.

Open doors: Our Personality
Christ delights in diversity. In fact, He invented it. At Epic, our desire to make a place for every student God brings to us shows up in everything we do; from our president’s open-door policy, to our flexible class schedules, to our generous scholarship programs. And at every turn, our students have access to individual attention, genuine love.

“One of the unique things about Epic is the sense of family,” said Dr. Ronald W. Harden, college president. “The students God has entrusted to us are called by name, not by a number. They occupy a place in our hearts, not just in our class.”

Relevant revelation: Our Curriculum
Not only will your college experience be personal, we make sure that what you learn is relevant; based on current experience, not academic theories. In fact, every course at Epic is taught by a faculty member who participates in a vital, real-life ministry so they can bring fresh insights and application to the Truth that has stood the test of time.

More importantly, our students gain practical ministry experience right alongside their studies, giving their course work context, purpose and perspective. Not unlike the model of a teaching hospital and a medical school functioning together, at Epic Bible College student receive the best in academic preparation while obtaining practical, on-the-job training.

Foundational values: Our History
This hands-on approach is far from new, yet it breaks significantly from the traditional model, in which students are transplanted from a local church into a campus-based college environment, taught by those characterized more as academics and theorists that active ministers. For more than 30 years, Epic Bible College has existed to provide a better alternative.

Founded in 1974 under the name Trinity School of the Bible, TLBC began in the heart of Rev. Paul Trulin, DD. As pastor of Trinity Church, Dr. Trulin was guided by a passion to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a deep desire to train people for Christian ministry. The board and congregation shared his vision and approved the establishment of a church-based Bible college and Dr. Trulin served as pastor of the church as well as president of the Bible College until his retirement in 1982. Successive administrators have included Rev. Leroy Lebeck, DD; Rev. Kenneth Bluemel and current president Rev. Ronald W. Harden, MS, DD; each of whom has remained faithful to Dr. Trulin’s original vision of training men and women for Christian ministry.

Modern methods: Our Accreditation
In fact, after three decades of ministry, Epic’s influence has reached beyond any single church or denomination. Seeds of this growth were planted in 1993, when college administrators sensed the Holy Spirit leading them to seek accreditation. In 1999, accreditation candidacy was granted and began a process that culminated in 2004 with full accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).

Through this process, Epic has seen academic improvement and the addition of a Division of General Education, upgrades in technology and facilities and expanding opportunies to grant financial aid.