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Tuition & Fees

2014-2015 School Year

Tuition (14-15) $249.00 per unit
Full-time 18 units – Completion in 4 years $4,482 (not including fees)
Full-time 12 units – Completion in 5 years $2,988
Part Time 9 units – 3/4 Time $2,241
Half Time 6 units – 1/2 Time $1,494
Application Fee (One Time Fee) $65.00
Registration (per quarter) $65.00
Technology Fee $65.00
Late Registration Fee $25.00
Change of Status Fee $5.00
Associated Student Body Fees (per quarter)
1-4 units $20.00
5-8 units $35.00
9-up $50.00
Notebook (per class) $12.50
CL&M Evening Student CD $5.00
Private Music Lesson $330.00
P.E. Fee $15.00
Books Vary in Cost


Average Enrollment Average Cost /
Average Grants &
Scholarships / Student
Average Student
Loan / Student
10 Units $2,700 $2,000 $1,700


Estimated BA Program
Cost Before Fees
Estimated Grants &
Estimated Loans
$48,555 $39,000 $18,200

*Figures based upon 2012-2013 Student Body & most recent graduation class

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