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Financial Aid Contacts

Kandi McGodman
Financial Aid Adviser

Kim Harden
Business Office.

EPIC Bible College, formerly Trinity Life Bible College, is here to help you achieve all that God has for you. We are so happy that the financial aid department can help you receive the education needed to fulfill your destiny in God. Therefore, we offer Federal Title IV programs, state funding, and institutional scholarships to help you pay for the cost of education and achieve your goals. If you haven’t already, please fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), at For more information please see Financial Aid Application.

We understand that the financial aid process can be difficult, but the financial aid office at EPIC Bible College is here to assist you in every possible way to help you through the process and as stress free as possible.

EPIC Bible College strives to offer quality education at affordable prices, and yet we recognize that the high cost of education can make your academic goals seem financially out of reach.  If you believe the Lord is calling you to EPIC but cannot imagine how you would afford it, please read through our Financial Aid information for more assistance.

Financial Aid News,

To be eligible for financial aid the following items must be met. If you have any questions about any of the items please contact our Financial Aid Officer.

  1. Submit a FAFSA ( School Code: 034033)
  2. Demonstrate financial need (Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution = Need)
  3. Have a High School Diploma, or GED
  4. Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  5. Have a Social Security number
  6. Register for Selective Service (males 18-25)
  7. Be enrolled in an eligible program
  8. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  9. Not be in default on a federal student loan
  10. Submit verification forms (Please see Financial Aid Verification)