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International Admission

At Epic Bible College we are honored to have International students, from all over the world, come to Epic and receive a quality education founded in the Word of God. International students are important to the culture of Epic’s student body and welcome everyone with a heart to know God’s Word and be used by him. The admission process for an international student differs from that of a U.S. citizen. All International students must go through the process to receive a (F1) student visa. Epic uses SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) to create an I 20 for each student. To be admitted at Epic each International Student must be aware that no U.S. government aid is available to Non-Citizens. The financial support must come from a sponsor or in personal funds.

Please Note: Students who are currently in the U.S. on a B2 tourists Visa must complete an I-539 ($300.00 Fee) form to change their visa status from a tourist visa to a F1 student visa.

The steps for admission is as follows:

  1. Fill out an EPIC Online Application, the application must be completed and accepted.
  2. Student is to provide a copy of their passport to the Designated School Official.
  3. Provide a current foreign address to Designated School Official.
  4. Provide documentation of the students sponsor. An Affidavit of Support (I-134 form) is the most common form used as official evidence of support. This form can be requested from the Financial Aid office of Epic or downloaded from the links below. This document states the exact amount the sponsor intends to provide for ones education. If there is more than one sponsor, each sponsor must complete their own Affidavit of Support. If an organization is sponsoring a student, please use the organizations information. If the student sponsor’s his/her self a bank statement in U.S. dollars must be provided.
  5. After an I 20 is complete the sponsor must go to and pay the $100.00 SEVIS fee to process the I 20. (I-901 form).
  6. Cost: International Students must pay $7,500.00 up front for the first year and all charges in the years following will come per quarter. Must register for a minimum of 12 units per quarter.

Once the admission and I 20 process is complete, an I 20 will be sent to the student with an official acceptance letter to Epic. When the student goes to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their given country the items needed during the appointment are as follows:

  • A completed I 20
  • The Affidavit of Support Form
  • Acceptance letter from Epic
  • A receipt of the SEVIS Fee
Forms and web site links:
Admissions – SEVIS fee for I-20 ($100.00- Will need SEVIS ID # from I 20) Go to Immigration Forms to download an I-134 Affidavit of Support and I-539 Change of Status ($300.00 Fee)
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