Spring 2018 Course List

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BC112 – Self Concept
This class helps the student to understand the biblical model of self-image and value. The student will also learn the skills necessary to develop a healthy biblical approach to counseling people with low self-esteem.

BC131 – Introduction to Christian Counseling
This course details how to be guided by the Holy Spirit in caring for hurting people. The student will learn a biblical framework for counseling, dealing with feelings, thoughts, and behaviors by observing Jesus’ style of helping others.

BC330 – Crisis Counseling
Topics covered in this class include intervention and action within the first 72 hours of a crisis and when a pastor should (or must) make referrals.

BC422 – Ethical & Legal Responsibilties
This course covers topics such as: the character of the counselor, integrity, moral responsibility, legal requirements and when to report to civil authorities.

BC431 – Power & Abuse in Ministry
This class covers chid abuse, sezual abuse, verbal abuse, spousal abuse, neglect and anger. Students learn how to identify and help people overcome these weaknesses.

BC441 – Biblical Counseling: External Study
Topics covered in this class include intervention and action within the first 72 hours of a crisis and when a pastor should (or must) make referrals.

CM100 – Chapel
Chapel meets five (5) mornings and three (3) evenings per week in which training is provided in the spiritual functions of worship and devotion. chapel is required for all students. Online Cchapel session differs from on-site delivery.

CM105 – New Student Orientation
This one-unit class introduces the student to several topics important to sucess at EPIC Bible College and life. These include: Time management, goal setting, study and term paper writing.

CM106 – Field Ministry
All EPIC students are required to be involved in some form of regular ministry in a church or para-church setting. This might include such activities as leading worship, teaching, Sunday School, Helping to lead a youth group, ministering to the elderly.

CM110 – Spiritual Formation
This course covers the foundational biblical truths pertaining to the process of Christian development from the new birth to continuing maturity in one’s walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Special emphasis will be given to study in the following areas: cultivating a devotional life, hearing the voice of God, praise and worship, studying the Word of God, commitment to the local church, prayer, fasting, and fruit-bearning in the life of the believer.

CM120 – Christian Life & Ministry
A two-hour class taught once each week by guest lecturers or resident faculty, which presents biblical principles, relating to various subjects. Evening students are required to attend a live session once a month and take this class by audio-tape for the rest of the sessions. Over a two-year period this class covers such topics as: cross-cultural communications and missions, church administration, law and leadership, the gifts and fruit of the Spirit, principles and theology of worship, philosophy and ethics of ministry and more.

CM120A – Success in College: Communication
This Christian Life and Ministry class is designed to develop essential communication and writing skills to enable students to succeed in class work in in effective communication of Christian values and beliefs.

CM430 – Ministerial Arts Internship
This class examines the development of the Paul/Timothy relationship within the local church as the student becomes more deeply involved in the inner workings of their church. This class is for those students in their last year of study. Over three (3) quarters (CM 430A, CM 430B and CM 430C) the student develops a detailed report studying the many facets of local church ministry.

CM431 – Ministerial Arts Internship: Biblical Counseling
Students will complete three quarters (one academic year) of Biblical Counseling Internship during which a minimum of 100 hours of supervised biblical counseling will be completed.

CM432 – Discipleship & Instruction Internship
Students will serve as an Intern within a Christian Education ministry setting for three quarters (one academic year), completing duties associated with this ministry as assigned by the supervising minister.

CM433 – Ministerial Arts Internship: Cross Cultural Ministry
Students will serve as an Intern within a Christian Education ministry setting for three quarters (one academic year), completing duties associated with this ministry as assigned by the supervising minister.

CM434 – Worship Arts Internship
This course is to be taken in the student’s senior year and is for a one-year period. The student will be in an environment for hands-on experience of leading congregational worship, rehearsal preparation, and other worship pastor duties.

CM435 – Student Ministry Internship
Students will serve in a Youth Ministry, competing duties assigned by a supervising Youth Minister, for three quarters (one academic year).

CM436 – Ministerial Arts Internship: Non-Profit Management

CO105 – Computer Fundamentals

CO110 – Computer Skills
This class will introduce the student to the popular Microsoft Office ensemble (Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Outlook/Publisher) through a clear, easy to follow and straight to the point methodology.

CO130 – Public Speaking
This course will instruct the student in the art of effective speaking and introduces the basic principles of effective communication. Public and interpersonal speech will be included.

DSFL915 – Dissertation
This course is designed to facilitate the development of a preliminary research dissertation. The course focuses on the design and presentation of the first three chapters of the student’s project. The student will master the key elements of each chapter and will produce a draft copy of the dissertation.

ED105 – Study Skills for College
This class helps the student develop practical and efficient strategies for successful learning and life achievement. Topics include time management, textbook studying, class note taking, goal setting, and exam preparation.

ED210 – Research Methods
This Class will improve students’ skills in reseach and written commumication as they implement characteristics of good writing, stages of preparation, proper organization, and the revision process. pre-reqquisite of English 1A, or equivalent.

ED212 – Foundations of Education
The aim of this course is to train teachers, pastors, and parents to develop awareness as to what makes education Christian. The student will develop a biblical foundation for education and his/her own philosophy of education. Other topics include: Christ, the Master Teacher; the place of the Holy Spirit; the teachers’ role; and Sunday School.

ED330 – Biblical Instruction Administration & Leadership
This class discusses the administrative processes within the church, management styles and the importance of human relationships. Students develop criteria for leadership.

ED340 – Understanding How We Learn
This class covers the four basic learning styles, modalities, and multiple intelligences, and applies them to teaching, leading, relationships, and learning.

ED412 – Teaching Practicum
Students will complete an 11-week term of on-the-job teaching experience.

ED450 – Christian Education Internship

EN105 – College Writing Skills
This course covers basic grammar, word usage, punctuation, spelling, and sentence and paragraph writing skills. It offers help to students seeking to improve their skills to meet the demands of college writing. Students complete a required number of assignments and tests designed to help them master specific sentences and paragraph level writing skills.

EN110 – English 1A
This class concentrates on pre-writing, drafting, and rewriting processes that address a variety of rhetorical and academic tasks. This class will also review the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, along with language development.

ES410 – Principles of Prophecy: Daniel

HI205 – History of Christianity: The Early Church
This course is an overview of the history and growth of the Christian Church from the Day of Pentecost to the papacy of Gregory the Great. It includes in examination of the most significant heretical movements, the lasting results of the first Church.

HI207 – History of Christianity: The Modern Church
This course is an overview of the history and growth of the christian Church from the Treaty of Westphalia to the present time. IT includes and examination of the effect modern historical, political and social developments on Christianity.

HI440 – History of Pentecostalism

HU210 – Fundamentals of Drama Ministry
This class introduces the student to basic principles of drama and the use of drama in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The student will receive instruction in basic acting technique, writing, directing and staging.

HU230 – Comparative Religions
This course embraces a study of the great religious systems of the world. A review of ancient religions of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome are included. Various religions of the present world are studies including the Eastern religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

MA130 – Business Math
This course will study some of the uses of mathematics in society today. Included are: probability, statistics, business and ministry applications, and analysis of patterns.

MBS571 – New Testament Theology
This course will explore the theological thought of the New Testament, trace the progression of thought beginning with Jesus, and discover each writer’s distinctive contribution to the overall message of the New Testament. Special attention will be given to the gospel of the kingdom as proclaimed and applied by the various New Testament authors.

MBS572 – Post Reformation Church History

MBS573 – Exegesis of Romans

MBS583 – Culture/Counterculture

MBS595 – Biblical Studies Thesis/Capstone Project
This course provides the student with an opportunity to apply and integrate previous learning by the completion and presentation of a major, integrative paper, which will reflect an assessment of student’s learning as well as their ability to integrate and apply concepts and theories learned in the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Program. Students will submit their final work in a format provided in MEL513 Organizational Research and Graduate Research Methods course.The Thesis/Capstone course will substitute for two 4-unit courses in the program.

MCM631 – The Pastor and Discipleship
This course will help ministers create a disciplemaking church/ministry that is faithful to the Bible and relevant to the unchurched, postmodern culture it is seeking to reach for Christ. Examining and applying the theory of transformation, students will examine the process of re-centering the focus of ministry, regaining millennials, becoming real, becoming multicultural, freeing creativity, and regaining confidence for the simple purpose of creating church/ministry with life-changing focus and power.

MCM632 – The Character of the Servant
This course will help ministers, preachers, counselors, leaders explore the processes and goals of spiritual formation in their personal life. The student is introduced to the historic disciplines and practices of the Christian faith that promote intimacy with God and Christ-likeness in character. Students will learn how to “exegete” their personal life narrative in order to anchor increasingly their personal life and ministry praxis in growing emotional and spiritual health.

MCM633 – Conflict Resolution (Ministry Tension Point)
The purpose of this course is to ground the pastor and ministry leader in conflict resolution theory and practice for the sake of creating healthy organizational culture. Contemporary tension points for ministry leaders will be examined, such as the relationship between ministry leader and board of directors, fundraising pressures, staff conflict, organizational disunity, and so forth. Issues of boundaries, work-life balance, emotional health, and self-management will be explored. Students will gain skill in addressing and resolving conflict within personal and organizational spheres of ministry.

MCM655 – Christian Ministry Capstone Project/ Master’s Thesis
Course Description: This course provides the student with an opportunity to apply and integrate previous learning by the completion and presentation of a major, integrative paper, which will reflect an assessment of student’s learning as well as their ability to integrate and apply concepts and theories learned in the Master of Arts in Ministry Program. Students will submit their final work in a format provided in MEL513 Organizational Research and Graduate Research Methods course.

ME220 – Cross Cultural Ministry
This class will study the issues involved in ministry to people of differing cultures. The student will acquire a understanding of culture so as to distinguish traditions and customs from a biblical view & learn to reach people across cultural barriers.

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ME310 – Discipleship and Church Growth
This study is an overview of Christian growth and discipleship. There will be an emphasis on practical and spiritual application from a Christian world view with regard to spiritual growth, discipleship, and ministry in the local church, missions, outreach, and small group ministry.

ME320 – Church Planting Strategies
This class will provide the student with a foundation for developing evangelism in the local church and how evangelism functions within various models of establishing new local congregations.

ME330 – History of Missions
This class will enable the student to know the development of Christian missionary movement so as to understand how God has been accomplishing his mission through chosen individuals in human history. The student will also learn valuable lessons from the lives of those whom God used in carrying out his mission in the world.

ME450 – Practicum in Evangelism/Missions
This class provides opportunity for the student to engage in evangelism and missions in a local or international church setting.

MEL531 – Biblical Leadership, Organizational Transformation & Growth
This course will examine the various definitions of Biblical Leadership as well as explore various theories and methodologies modeled in the Bible. This course will commingle the Biblical examples of leadership with their effect on the transformation and growth of the organization.

MEL532 – Servant-Leadership: Theory & Practice
This course will provide students with a thorough exploration of the principles of Servant-Leadership as a leadership philosophy and a way of being a better leader. This course will allow students to become familiar with the writings of Robert Greenleaf, as well as those who have been influenced by Greenleaf, many of whom are leading thinkers in the field of organizational leadership. Particular attention is paid to application within a variety of organizational settings. This course may include attendance at a retreat and participation in a service for the community.

MEL533 – Building Organizational Culture & Climate
This course will examine and outline a variety of human resource practices using concepts from organizational climate predictors. A variety of studies have found positive relationships between favorable organizational climates and varying measures of organizational success. The health and performance of any organization can be linked to organizational climate. This course will examine how organizational climate influences the positive and negative outcomes of the success or failure of an organization.

MEL555 – Leadership Capstone Project/Master’s Thesis
This course provides the student with an opportunity to apply and integrate previous learning by the completion and presentation of a major, integrative paper, which will reflect an assessment of student’s learning as well as their ability to integrate and apply leadership concepts and theories learned in the Master’s in Ethical Leadership Program. Students will submit their final work in a format learned in their Organizational Research and Graduate Research Methods course. MEL555 Project/Thesis is an 8-unit course which will be substituted for two of the final three courses.

MM120 – Piano II
This class builds on the foundational skills learned in Piano I. Class work will include scales, chords, arpeggios and chord progressions. Five types of seventh chords will be studied and used in worship choruses and hymns. The student will learn how to modulate from one key into another.

MM122 – Foundations of Worship: Biblical & Cultural
Within the context of this course, the student will discover the foundations of praise and worship as drawn from Scripture. The application of worship in the Old and New Testaments will be studied.

MM147 – Choir
A mixed choral group whose primary function is to perform at Epic Bible College functions such as graduation and Good Friday Services. One (1) unit may be earned per quarter, with six (6) units required to be completed by the student. Audition Only.

MM151 – Applied Musicianship (Private Lessons)
All Worship Arts students will choose one primary instrument (voice, piano, guitar, or petition for approval of another instrument). This may be fulfilled through class instruction or private lessons. Students will, in addition to tuition, be charged an “Instruction Fee” according to the published Private Lesson fee structure.

MM171 – Secondary Instrument
Secondary Intrument

MM230 – Church Music Administration
This class provides an overview of contemporary organizational techniques for music in the Church of the 21st century. Theory, practicalexercises and guided discussions will place emphasis on organizational procedures that will apply to churches of all sizes.

MM252 – Music Theory II
This is a course concerned with the further development of harmonization of melodic material. Seventh chords with inversions are a part of this course. Practical experience is also acquired in ear training. Piano Proficiency Test 1 must be passed in order to receive credit.

MM311 – Conducting
This class will provide a study of choral conducting techniques and principles of interpretation with attention given to choral and instrumental techniques.

MM314 – Music Arranging
This class covers the analytical study and techniques of arranging music for small and large vocal groups. Choral arranging is stressed with attention given to instruments as well.

MM430 – Music Ministry Internship
This class is designed to give the student first-hand experience in the practical aspects of directing and administering a church music program. It is expected that the intern will be involved in as many church music experiences as possible and be responsible for at least one major area of music within his or her church.

MM450 – Practicum in Worship Ministry
This course provides practical, supervised application of worship at EPIC Bible College’s Chapel services. Application of leadership principles may include, but are not limited to: participation and presentation of praise team, multi-media software, drama, or any other area deemed essential to a growing worship program.

NT130 – Ethics: Life & Teachings of Jesus
This class covers the life of Christ, with an in-depth analysis of the incarnation, miracles, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus in relation to the plan of God for the redemption of man.

NT220 – Biblical Literature: Writings of John
This course gives the student a detailed understanding of the life of Christ as presented in the Gospel of John. Great detail concerning the last week of Jesus’ life will be drawn from the inspired writings of the beloved apostle. The Epistles of 1, 2 & 3 John will shed further light as to the teachings of John.

NT322 – Biblical Literature: 1 & 2 Cor. / 1 & 2 Thess.
This class will examine the occasion, purpose and content of the Corinthian and Thessalonian letters in order to understand how these early church leaders dealt with conflict, discipleship, and doctrine.

NT332 – Biblical Literature: Prison Epistles
This class provides an examination of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon, with a focus on the central theological and ministry issues relevant in the first century and those that remain vital to the church of the 21st century.

NT435 – Biblical Literature: Book of Hebrews
This class will study the heritage of the Old Testament system of sacrifice and priesthood to better understand the person and work of Jesus Christ.

NT450 – Biblical Literature: General Epistles
This course focuses on the books of James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Jude, examining the main theological themes, the author, the occasion, and the audience of each book. At TLBC the book of Hebrews is covered in a separate class (see NT430).

OT110 – Old Testament Survey
In this class, the Old Testament will be studied as a whole – its major segments and themes. In addition, each book of the Old Testament is examined in terms of its author, audience, date and major themes. This is an excellent introductory class for students new to the study of the Old Testament.

OT120 – Origins: Study of Beginnings – Genesis
This class covers the origins of space, time & matter; of biological life, consciousness & mankind; of sickness, death & corruption; of gospel proclamation & animal sacrifices; of language and civilization; of fossils, continents & oceans; of diverse ethnic groups & missions. It puts emphasis upon the first fifteen chapters of Genesis, foundational to the entire Bible.

OT130 – Hebrew History: Wanderings
This class covers the development of the nation of Israel as described in the seven books of Exodus through Ruth. Topics include the Exodus, the presentation of Mosaic Law, the wilderness wanderings, the conquest of Canaan, and the chaotic period of the Judges that led to the emergence of the Israelite monarchy.

OT230 – Biblical Literature: Poetry & Wisdom Books
This class examines a wide spectrum of emotional and philosophical experiences that are indicated and answered in the poetic and wisdom books of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job and Son of Solomon.

OT332 – Biblical Literature: Minor Prophets
This course consists of a study of the prophetic office, the man, his message and methods, and leads into a consecutive review of each of the twelve Old Testament prophetic books between Hosea and Malashi. The underlying divine purposes will be noted, as well as the Messianic inferences, and relevance of the message of the 21st century Christian.

PT110 – Introduction to Hermeneutics
This class covers the art of Biblical interpretation. Topics include: the origin of the Bible, the inspiration and authority of Scripture. The Student will develop in-depth study tools and skills to help “rightly divide the Word of Truth.”

PT215 – Developing a Biblical Worldview
This course surveys the development of a Biblical Worldview. The student will learn to view the world, society, and self through a worldview created wholly on a Biblical perspective.

PT250 – Hermeneutics II
This course is designed to increase the skills of interpreting scripture using the five essentials of Hermeneutics. The course will include a study of the history of interpretation, the use of translations and the genre of Scripture.

PT312 – Homiletics
This class covers the principles and methodology necessary to equip the student to prepare and deliver messages from the Word of God in a minimum of three manners: topical, textual and expository.

PT332 – Apologetics
This class covers: the Bible (What is inspiration? Who wrote the Bible?), the existence of God (What is the real evidence?), archaelological discoveries will be studied to help the student develop a better understanding of the Christian faith.

PT340 – Studies in Revival
The sessions in this class are designed to not only teach the Biblical basis, impact and final outcome of revival, but to allow students to personally and corporately begin to experience the revival Spirit themselves.

PT345 – Discipleship & Transformation
This course is designed to explore Kingdom living and how to be growing in conformity to Jesus Christ. The study will focus on the elements of the Biblical teaching on discipleship as Kingdom living discipleship.

PT350 – Expository Preaching
This class covers a more in-depth study of the preparation and delivery of expository sermons. Emphasis will be placed on details of the expository outline.

PT355 – Speaking to the Post Modern Culture
This course is a study of preaching the gospel through creative means. You will study how to implement media, drama, illustrations to a culture that has grown up in a media world. You will be challenged to think out of the box to study non-traditional methods to proclaim the Word in a current context.

PT430 – Christian Leadership
This course deals with the principles, practices and problems of leading the people of God, with special emphasis given to the very practical aspects of “The Ministry.” In the context of this study, there will be detailed analysis in the practice.

SC180 – Science of Fishing (Osteichthyes)
This course will study the boney fish, Osteichthyes, and focus on the Sunfish family Centrarchidae. We will understand habitat, life cycle and the pursuit of the specific genus Micropterus.

SC181 – Science of Fishing 2
This course will study the boney fish, Osteichthyes, but focus on the specific genus Micropterus. We will endeavor to understand habitat, life cycle, and where to find lunker bass. This course will also study the many lures and their presentation to catch the elusive largemouth bass.

SC220 – Nutrition IA
First half – not necessary to take IA before IB. Can take IB before IA.

SC221 – Nutrition IB
Nutrition 1B provides a continuation of the basic nutrition physiology and metabolism discussed in Nutrition 1A and continues by covering the micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Completion of Nutrition 1A is recommended but not required.

SC231 – Body by Design
This class will examine that anatomical evidences for creation in the human body. Students will examine the human anatomy and physiology to see the purposeful, intricate design and function.

SC235 – Diseases of the Mission Field
This class examines some of the many possible diseases someone might encounter in the mission field. The perspective of overseas missions from a travel medicine view (outside the United States) will be the setting for discussions.

SC250 – Creation Science
This course examines Creation Science and the Theory of Evolution. Students will study both from a scientific perspective, developing a justifiable belief for a designer as the source for the origin of life and our Biblical Christian Faith.

SS110 – Introduction to Sociology
This course will introduce the student to the Trinity relationship of the God head and how this model provides the basis for social interaction of society. A mastery of sociological terminology will be emphasized.

SS251 – History of Christian Fine Arts
This class covers a general survey of the history of music, fine arts, and drama in the Christian church as it grew and developed through the centuries until the present time. Recent history will include radio, film, television, and the Internet.

TH220A – Bible Doctrine IA – Doctrine of God
This class surveys the Doctrine of God (Theology Proper) with its components. Topics include: The Existence of God, the Attributes of God and the Trinity.

TH220B – Bible Doctrine IB – Christology
This course is a general survey of the Doctrine of Christ (Christology). His life, birth, death, resurrection and ascension. This pivotal course will lead the student to a deeper commitment to the Person and Power of the Lord.

TH230A – Bible Doctrine IIA (Holy Spirit & Angels)
This course surveys the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology), and the Doctrine of Angels (Angelology).

TH230B – Bible Doctrine IIB – Doctrine of Man and Salvation
This course surveys the Doctrine of Man (Anthropology), and the Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology).

YM121 – Philosophy of Student Ministry
This course will guide students through the process of developing a ministry to adolescents. Students will study various current student ministry philosophies and learn the foundations of ministry to junior high, senior high and college age students, including creating a mission statement, objectives and strategy.

YM450 – Student Ministry Internship
In this class the student will be introduced to the historical, philosophical and theological underpinnings of youth ministry. Popular models of contemporary student ministry will be reviewed and evaluated. The course will examine, describe, and evaluate youth ministry in various contexts. Church-based and para-church ministries will be discussed, focusing on three particular age groups: junior high, senior high and young adults.

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