Fall 2017 Course List

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BC111 Relationships & Communication

BC212 Family Dynamics
This course will introduce student to contemporary American family functions, variations, rules, family cycles, and problems-with appropriate biblical responses to each.

BC311 Marriage Counseling
This class will guide the student to understanding the biblical principles of marriage and how to help people develop and follow them. Also included are contemporary issues such as the blended family and biblical reconciliation.

BC441 Biblical Counseling: External Study
Topics covered in this class include intervention and action within the first 72 hours of a crisis and when a pastor should (or must) make referrals. Prerequisite: BC 131 Introduction to Biblical Counseling.

CM100 Chapel
Chapel meets five (5) mornings and three (3) evenings per week in which training is provided in the spiritual functions of worship and devotion. chapel is required for all students. Online Cchapel session differs from on-site delivery.

CM110 Spiritual Formation
This course covers the foundational biblical truths pertaining to the process of Christian development from the new birth to continuing maturity in one’s walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Special emphasis will be given to study in the following areas: cultivating a devotional life, hearing the voice of God, praise and worship, studying the Word of God, commitment to the local church, prayer, fasting, and fruit-bearning in the life of the believer.

CM120 Christian Life & Ministry
A two-hour class taught once each week by guest lecturers or resident faculty, which presents biblical principles, relating to various subjects. Evening students are required to attend a live session once a month and take this class by audio-tape for the rest of the sessions. Over a two-year period this class covers such topics as: cross-cultural communications and missions, church administration, law and leadership, the gifts and fruit of the Spirit, principles and theology of worship, philosophy and ethics of ministry and more.

CM120A Success in College: Communication
This Christian Life and Ministry class is designed to develop essential communication and writing skills to enable students to succeed in class work in in effective communication of Christian values and beliefs.

CO110 Computer Skills
This class will introduce the student to the popular Microsoft Office ensemble (Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Outlook/Publisher) through a clear, easy to follow and straight to the point methodology.

CO210 Fundamentals of Media Technology
This class introduces the student to the basic function and use of equipment that would commonly be used in a ministry setting, along with philosophies of blending in technology with a worship services. Included will be equipment used for lighting, sound, video and graphics presentations.

DSFL911A Cultural Clarity and the Postmodern Cultural Mindset: Modular A
This course will focus on understanding the postmodern cultural mindset as it pertains to church leadership, spiritual formation and Christian worldviews that impact ministry. This is a course that will explore the postmodern turn in contemporary culture. The development of philosophical and theological antecedents that have impacted church culture will be studied. This course will examine strategies for addressing the postmodern culture as it pertains to church health and growth as well as exploring Biblical response to postmodern influence.

DSFL912A Advanced Organizational Culture and Climate Development for a Healthy Church: Modular A
This course will focus on the health of the congregation, ministry members and leadership as well as the larger organization. Predictors will be examined and explored that lead to an unhealthy culture and climate within any organization. Remedies will be discovered for healing unhealthy climates within cultural differences. This course will discuss ways to develop necessary and healthy commingling of a variety of cultures within a multicultural world.

DSFL913A Advanced Spiritual Formation: Modular A
This course will focus on the emotional and spiritual health of the pastor or minister. Special attention will be given to the history of Christian spirituality along with the theology of spiritual formation. The process of providing spiritual nurture and guidance to others as well as the exploration of personal and corporate practices will be explored. Advanced study will be presented for the practice of soul care and spiritual guidance and direction.

DSFL914A Research Design I: Modular A
This course will focus on the emotional and spiritual health of the pastor or minister. Special attention will be given to the history of Christian spirituality along with the theology of spiritual formation. The process of providing spiritual nurture and guidance to others as well as the exploration of personal and corporate practices will be explored. Advanced study will be presented for the practice of soul care and spiritual guidance and direction.

ED105 Study Skills for College
This class helps the student develop practical and efficient strategies for successful learning and life achievement. Topics include time management, textbook studying, class note taking, goal setting, and exam preparation.

ED210 Research Methods
This Class will improve students’ skills in research and written communication as they implement characteristics of good writing, stages of preparation, proper organization, and the revision process.

ED212 Foundations of Education
The aim of this course is to train teachers, pastors, and parents to develop awareness as to what makes education Christian. The student will develop a biblical foundation for education and his/her own philosophy of education. Other topics include: Christ, the Master Teacher; the place of the Holy Spirit; the teachers’ role; and Sunday School.

ED240 Assessment for Ministry
Students will acquire skills for developing and using tools that identify strengths and needs based upon biblical understanding of individual gifts, purposes, and goals.

ED330 Biblical Instruction Administration & Leadership
This class discusses the administrative processes within the church, management styles and the importance of human relationships. Students develop criteria for leadership

ED340 Understanding How We Learn
This class covers the four basic learning styles, modalities, and multiple intelligences, and applies them to teaching, leading, relationships, and learning.

ED412 Teaching Practicum
Students will complete an 11-week term of on-the-job teaching experience

EN105 College Writing Skills
This course covers basic grammar, word usage, punctuation, spelling, and sentence and paragraph writing skills. It offers help to students seeking to improve their skills to meet the demands of college writing. Students complete a required number of assignments and tests designed to help them master specific sentences and paragraph level writing skills.

EN110 English 1A
This class concentrates on pre-writing, drafting, and rewriting processes that address a variety of rhetorical and academic tasks. This class will also review the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, along with language development. Prerequisite of AAP Scores of 90+ for Reading Comprehension and 98+ for Sentence Skills or College Writing Skills.

HI205 History of Christianity: The Early Church
This course is an overview of the history and growth of the Christian Church from the Day of Pentecost to the papacy of Gregory the Great. It lincludes in examination of the most significant heretical movements, the lasting results of the first Church

HI440 History of Pentecostalism
This class covers the historic background of the modern Pentecostal movement as it grew and developed through the centuries. Emphasis will be placed on the twentieth century and the beginning of contemporary Pentecostal and charismatic groups.

MBS551 Biblical Hermeneutics
This course addresses the study of the principles of Biblical interpretation, an introduction to the major resources available as an aid to Biblical interpretation and an exegetical study of selected passages from the various genres of Biblical literature

MBS552 Tools for Hebrew Word Studies
This course will be an introduction to Hebrew with an emphasis on equipping the student to use commentaries, lexica, Bible software, and other language resources. This course introduces students to the history, alphabet, grammatical terminology, and basic features of this biblical language.

MBS553 Philosophy of Religion
A critical study based on classical and contemporary readings. This course will address such issues as: the basis of religious claims, the meaning of religious discourse, the relationship between faith and reason, the nature and existence of God, the natu

MCM611 Postmodernism & Christianity
This course will examine the rise of postmodernism within contemporary culture and its impact on Christian faith and ministry. The course will pay attention to its philosophical antecedents and development as well as its theological significance. In short, this course addresses three questions: What is postmodernism? How did it arise? How does one think Christianly about postmodernism and respond biblically to it?

MCM612 Speaking to the Culture
This course will acknowledge that even though growing churches and ministries mark our metropolitan landscape, churchgoers and surrounding communities are less likely to maintain a Christian worldview than in the past. A minister out of touch with this culture is like an uninformed missionary trying to teach in a foreign culture. This course will enable the minister to connect with a post modern audience and communicate the message of the Gospel with clarity and relevance without compromising the substance of the message.

MCM613 Church Management
This course provides an overview of church administration and management. It is designed to inform and educate students regarding management principles, procedures, techniques, theory, and practice for leading and managing churches and non-profit organizations. The course applies a problem-solving approach to the subjects of management, administration, supervision, organization, leadership, church government, finance, and legal issues relevant to ministers and lay leaders.

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ME210 Theology of Missions
This class traces the missionary intent of God through out the Bible to bring out the biblical perspective. It will help the student to acquire a biblical theology of missions as the foundation for all outreach and mission activity.

ME310 Discipleship and Church Growth
This study is an overview of Christian growth and discipleship. There will be an emphasis on practical and spiritual application from a Christian world view with regard to spiritual growth, discipleship, and ministry in the local church, missions, outreach, and small group ministry.

ME415 Contemporary Mission Problems and Issues
This course will explore problems encountered in conducting foreign and home mission projects.

MEL511 Foundational Ethics of Organizational Leadership
This course will examine many contemporary issues regarding ethics in organizational leadership. This course will include but not be limited to topics like multi-disciplinary perspectives, classic theory, trait, behavioral, and contingency models. Topics include servant leadership, ethics, diversity, followership, the distinction between leadership and management, vision, leadership practice and strategies. The emphasis of this course will be on the application of theoretical concepts to actual organizational situations. This course will lead the student to the culminating and the articulation of a personal philosophy of ethical leadership

MEL512 Self, Systems and Ethical Leadership
This course will examine organizations as well as individuals as learning systems; explore any and all structural influences on individual leadership which will include a deep understanding of self as the primary core resource for learning and leadership development; define the role of systems thinking, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and personal mastery; and, introduce concepts of personality profiling and how it affects our awareness of social and political tensions as a tool for individual and organizational learning and change.

MEL513 Organizational Research and Graduate Research Methods
This course provides students with an understanding of the critical role of research, systematic assessment, and evaluation to identify and solve many leadership issues. This course will explain how thorough research can ultimately improve an organizations performance. This course will examine the fundamental theoretical concepts, scientific research methods, the strengths and weaknesses of pre-experimental, quasi-experimental and experimental research designs, threats to internal and external validity, techniques for data collection and analysis, measurement issues, as well as professional research findings preparation and presentation. The primary focus of this course is on the practical application of research methods to ultimately improve the performance of organizational programs, policies, and performance.

MM100 Music Fundamentals
This class provides an introduction to basic elements of historical musical style, including major and minor scale construction, written and aural music theory — including notation, scales, key signatures, rhythmic exercises, intervals, simple sight-singing and simple chord construction. Students must receive a grade of “C” or higher to advance to MM 240 Music Theory I or pass a placement test.

MM101 Beginning Piano
This class is for the student with no prior or limited experience in piano skills.

MM102 Beginning Guitar
This class is for the student with no prior or limited experience in guitar skills.

MM147 Choir
A mixed choral group whose primary function is to perform at Epic Bible College functions such as graduation and Good Friday Services. One (1) unit may be earned per quarter, with six (6) units required to be completed by the student. Audition Only.

MM150 Vocal Techniques
This class will provide the student with little or no formal training, the opportunity to systematically study and apply proper voice technique

MM350 Dynamics of Worship Leading
This course is a “hands on” experience developing the skills necessary to build and lead a theological, relevant corporate worship service while relating to the singer, band, and technical team during both rehearsals and services.

MM450 Practicum in Worship Ministry
This course provides practical, supervised application of worship at EPIC Bible College’s Chapel services. Application of leadership principles may include, but are not limited to: participation and presentation of praise team, multi-media software, drama, or any other area deemed essential to a growing worship program

NT130 Ethics: Life & Teachings of Jesus
This class covers the life of Christ, with an in-depth analysis of the incarnation, miracles, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus in relation to the plan of God for the redemption of man.

NT210 Biblical Literature: Acts
This class traces the expansion and development of the early church from Jerusalem to Rome. The mission, discipleship, and work of the Holy Spirit through the church will be studied as well as the activity that led to the inclusion of the Jew and Gentile in it’s evangelism. Prerequisite EN110, NT120

NT312 Biblical Literature: Romans & Galatians
To develop greater understanding of the occasion and purpose of early Church doctrine students will learn from the teachings and contributions of Paul to the development of early believers.

OT110 Old Testament Survey
In this class, the Old Testament will be studied as a whole – its major segments and themes. In addition, each book of the Old Testament is examined in terms of its author, audience, date and major themes. This is an excellent introductory class for students new to the study of the Old Testament.

OT312 Hebrew History: Monarchy and Captivity

PT110 Introduction to Hermeneutics
This class covers the art of Biblical interpretation. Topics include: the origin of the Bible, the inspiration and authority of Scripture. The Student will develop in-depth study tools and skills to help “rightly divide the Word of Truth”

PT215 Developing a Biblical Worldview
This course surveys the development of a Biblical Worldview. The student will learn to view the world, society, and self through a worldview created wholly on a Biblical perspective. 

PT250 Hermeneutics II
This course is designed to increase the skills of interpreting scripture using the five essentials of Hermeneutics. The course will include a study of the history of interpretation, the use of translations and the genre of Scripture.

PT312 Homiletics
This class covers the principles and methodology necessary to equip the student to prepare and deliver messages from the Word of God in a minimum of three manners: topical, textual and expository.

PT325 Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Leadership
This course will equip students to identify and resolve issues impacting local ministries for effective discipleship. Prerequisite: EN110, ED210

PT340 Studies in Revival
The sessions in this class are designed to not only teach the Biblical basis, impact and final outcome of revival, but to allow students to personally and corporately begin to experience the revival Spirit themselves.

PT345 Discipleship & Transformation
This course is designed to explore Kingdom living and how to be growing in conformity to Jesus Christ. The study will focus on the elements of the Biblical teaching on discipleship as Kingdom living discipleship.

SC111 Health
This class focuses on the development of mental, spiritual, emotional, social and physical health practices. Topics include: stress, diet, nutrition, communicable and chronic diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, lifestyles, childbirth, physical fitness and environmental health.

SS110 Introduction to Sociology
This course will introduce the student to the Trinity relationship of the God head and how this model provides the basis for social interaction of society. A mastery of sociological terminology will be emphasized

TH230B Bible Doctrine IIB – Doctrine of Man and Salvation
This course surveys the Doctrine of Man (Anthropology), and the Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology). The combination of this course with TH230A

TH311 Theology of Worship
This course studies the purpose and practice of a theology of worship in the local church. The study is divided into two parts: Cognitive theology
that includes the understanding and discovery of a Biblical Theology of worship and music; and, practical applications of theology, which include developing a strategy for teaching theology as a worship leader. Students will be required to complete a series of projects that will help build a personal theology for both public and private worship

TH315 Theology of Biblical Instruction
This course guides students towards the discovery of biblical directives and models on which Christian education can be based for relevance and effectiveness. 

YM121 Philosophy of Student Ministry
This course will guide students through the process of developing a ministry to adolescents. Students will study various current student ministry philosophies and learn the foundations of ministry to junior high, senior high and college age students, including creating a mission statement, objectives and strategy

YM220 Contemporary Student Communication
Since society is always shifting, this course is designed to teach the student how to effectively communicate to the current culture. Students will study communication in the ever changing technical world and learn the “lingo”, such as social networking, online video sharing, and communicating within a youth context.

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