Academic Policies / Handbook

Student Handbook

To read more about the Academic Policy and Procedures please read the current EPIC Student Handbook.

Classification of Students

Full-time vs. Part-time
Students will be classified according to the following criteria:

  • Full-time: 12 units or more
  • Three-quarter time: 8 to 11 units
  • Half-time: 6 to 7 units
  • Less than half-time: 1 to 5 units

Students enrolled in the B.A. program should take at least 17 units per quarter in order to graduate in four (4) years.

Enrollment Status

  • Freshman: less than 53 quarter units
  • Sophomore: 53 to 106 quarter units
  • Junior: 107 to 159 quarter units
  • Senior: above 159 quarter units

Audit Status
The definition of “audit” is “to attend a class as a listener receiving no credit.”

Grading System
Grades will be based on the measurement of student learning. Objective measurements are derived from a variety of measurable learning experience such as: class participation, reading, writing, research, and exams.

100-93 A 4.0 Excellent
92-90 A- 3.75  
89-87 B+ 3.5 Above Average
86-83 B 3.0  
82-80 B- 2.75  
79-77 C+ 2.5 Average
76-73 C 2.0  
72-70 C- 1.75  
69-67 D+ 1.5 Below Average
66-63 D 1.0  
62-60 D- .75  
59 or below F 0.0 Failing
  I 0.0 Incomplete
  WP 0.0 Withdraw Passing
  WF 0.0 Withdraw Failing
  S 0.0 Satisfactory
  U 0.0 Unsatisfactory
  AU 0.0 Audit

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students are responsible to complete and submit assignments prior to planned activities of a personal, business or ministry nature. For example, if a student has planned to be absent from class when an assignment is due, the student should communicate the plans or circumstances to the professor as soon as the schedule conflict has become apparent. The student should complete and submit the assignment to the professor prior to the planned absence.Minimum GPA of 2.0
Academic Probation is a term used to describe the situation when a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below a 2.0 (“C” Average) after any given quarter or when a student has exceeded the allowed absences. The Vice president of Academics will automatically place a student who exceeds the allowed absences or who had a GPA below 2.0 on Academic Probation. If a student continues to be on Academic Probation for two consecutive quarters, the student is subject to dismissal for one quarter and must petition the college in order to be re-admitted.

Minimum Units
All students are required to complete at least 67% of the units they are enrolled in during a given quarter while maintaining a 2.0 GPA. For example, if a student enrolls in 12 units a particular quarter he/she must complete at least 8 units for that quarter (12 x 67% = 8). All students are required to attend at least 80% of scheduled instruction hours/classes.

Maximum Timeframe
The maximum time frame to complete all requirements of the degree or certificate program shall not exceed 150%. For example, if a student is enrolled in the B.A. for Ministerial Studies at 201 units, the student may not attempt more than 302 units (201 x 150% = 302).

Evaluation and Extenuating Circumstances:
Students will be evaluated every quarter and notified if/when he/she is being placed on Academic Probation. The student must meet with his/her advisor to develop and educational plan to improve their GPA. Students who experience extenuating circumstances may appeal the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Please see the Financial Aid section regarding the consequences of SAP for Financial Aid.